Make a Splash!

Size Information

Rain Baby Gear baby blankets and kid kitchen/craft aprons come in two sizes--larges and smalls.

For blankets:
Small  -- approximately 28 inches by 30 inches
Large -- approximately 28 inches by 36 inches

The small is basically a square. The large is a rectangle. They work great for strollers, ground cloths, splat mats, diaper changing pads, and more!

They are not tested nor approved for use with car seats. Click here for full selection of Rain Baby Gear baby blankets.

For kid aprons:
Small (for ages 3-5)-- approximately 16 wide by 19 inches long
Large (for ages 6-9) --approximately 19 wide by 23 inches long

They have an adjustable neck strap--which is often described as "brilliant!" The waist straps are super long so they can tie in the front or back. Click here for the full selection of Rain Baby Gear kid aprons.

We say "approximate" as we aim to maximize use of useable fabric and minimize waste. There is some variability from bolt to bolt, and mill to mill, on the final, laminated width of the fabric.

For Hats:

  • Small (17"-18.5") Approximately 6-12 months old.
  • Medium (18"-19.5") Approximately 12-24 months old.
  • Large (19"-21") Approximately 24-36 months old.

It is always best to measure the head of the child that you are trying to purchase a hat for, rather than base the size on age. There is a wide range of head sizes out there in the baby world.