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You make an awesome product. Thank you for what you do.

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We were given a blanket for our first and we still use it all the time—in the jogger cool or rainy days, as a picnic blanket, we love it! And I have purchased others for friends with new babies because it is so practical, durable (and cute)

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Thorough product testing

Image Thorough product testing

Love is not a strong enough word for how we feel about this blanket. It passed a series of inspections.

Flip test: Passed
Snuggle test: Passed
Taste test: Passed
Fun test: Passed
Yoga test: Passed
Burrito test: Passed

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Image Take it EVERYWHERE

You've got an awesome product and I take the blanket with me EVERYWHERE.

This photo is from a hike up Angel's Rest in the Gorge. This was 'Sylvi's Rest' since she badly wanted a break from the Ergo carrier halfway up the hike.

Keep making a good product!

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It's mine for now!

Image It's mine for now!

"When my little sister is born, I promise to give it back."

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Perfectly Color Coordinated

Image Perfectly Color Coordinated

"We used our Rain Baby Gear at the beach this weekend and it was perfect! We love our Rain Baby Gear!"

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It IS a merry Christmas

Image It IS a merry Christmas

"Look what Santa brought me and Grandma!"

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PLEASE, mom?

Image PLEASE, mom?

"We love our Rain Baby Gear lady bug aprons!"

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Best Baby Shower Gift EVER

Image Best Baby Shower Gift EVER

Thank you - your wrapping and inserts were perfecto and made me look like a champ.

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Jogging with Grandpa

Image Jogging with Grandpa

They have been using the whale blanket constantly and consistently. One of the "most used" presents they have received!

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Baking up a storm!

Image Baking up a storm!

Thanks. We got it today. The apron made great brownies today.

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Lullaby and Goodnight

Image Lullaby and Goodnight

"This is my choice blanket for naptime these days."

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Fun in the Snow!

Image Fun in the Snow! This blanket keeps us dry even in the middle of a huge snow storm. Snow day turns into a fun day!
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"Snuggly and dry on every walk!"


'I love our Rain Baby Gear blanket! Our daughter is a night owl and we went on many midnight walks with her in the spring and winter. Our Rain Baby Gear blanket kept her snuggly and dry on every walk!"

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"The perfect blanket"


"The perfect blanket for covering Keane between the parking lot and the store when running errands. It came in handy too during Avery's jog-a-thon for school."

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Love our blanket

Image Love our blanket

We use our blanket at the park when we take our older kids and dog. It gives Lilliana a chance to play as well. We didn't realize that she was camouflaged baby until we looked at the picture. At home the blanket is perfect for tummy time since we have animals it is also pet for resistant and still allows for a soft area for her to lay down.

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"Love the fabric!"


Thanks so much for the blanket!! I've been getting great use out of it. And I love the fabric!

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Still amazed with our blanket

Image Still amazed with our blanket

Your blanket was great at the park. Our baby Lilliana always lies on it but a perfect picture when her big brother and big sister joined her. Our favorite picture of all three kids! Awesome blanket for Sunny park days in Portland

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Another pancake, anyone?

Image Another pancake, anyone?

Perfect for cooking pancakes with dad on a sunny Sunday morning! Thank you. We love our apron!

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