Make a Splash!

About Rain Baby Gear

Rain Baby Gear Design was born out of a passion for fabrics and the quest for designing products that blend function with flair.

Every Rain Baby Gear product provides an eye-catching, weather-proof, outer layer that keeps the water and snow off, and ensures staying dry and warm on the inside. The blankets, apparel, and accessories for the whole family will become essential items whether taking a child out in a stroller for a walk or dashing from the parking lot into the grocery store during a down pour.

The inspiration to launch Rain Baby Gear was the encouragement of two long-time friends with a five-month-old boy. Their little guy received his stroller blanket as gift following his highly-successful heart reconstruction surgery. In their totally sleep deprived state, the parents immediately recognized the “brilliant concept” of a weatherproof stroller blanket and there in the hospital room, the brainstorming began! The original blanket design snowballed into the idea of launching a full apparel and accessory product line for the entire family.

Rain Baby Gear went on a quest to seek out the perfect combination of fabrics to achieve a highly water-proof layer that also featured super kid-friendly and bold prints. During our research, we determined that solid-colored nylon is boring and pastels for kids should be outlawed. And, most important, we wanted our materials to be safe for children and pets.

Ultimately, we selected laminated cotton: a BPA-free, soft, scrunchable, 100% cotton fabric that comes in a great selection of bold-colored prints and that has a thin, protective film which allows water to bead quickly and roll right off. It is also washable with a damp cloth.

One blanket progressed into more that offered improved design features, which then expanded into a line of dog coats. We then started experimenting with developing products for indoor projects that utilized the washable feature of the fabric. The positive response to the fabulous prints and exceptional practicality of the rain blankets and aprons was immediate.

Rain Baby Gear wants you to make a splash when you show up at the soccer field to watch a game or take a quick spin around the block with your pup.

We would love your feedback and hope you enjoy your Rain Baby Gear products.